Upright Baby Piano- The Showstopper Of Living Room

Linda woke up this morning and it was her birthday. But little did she know that she had a surprise waiting for her. She swooshed into the living room searching for her mother. But something caught her attention in the hallway. It was a gigantic piece of something wrapped with a large roll of presentation paper, definitely not best bottles for gas and fussiness but something bigger and better. A card came along with it wishing “Happy Birthday Angel”. She quickly opened the gift in excitement. And there it was the elegant upright baby piano to suit her musical side. 

What is an upright baby piano?

  • An upright baby piano is most probably a subset of the upright piano group. Upright which usually means vertical is a short-scale piano. The other category of the piano is a grand piano. 
  • Grand pianos are also upright but they are vertically mounted with a cabinet. You must have seen them on the sets of a musical concert or recording studios. They have a larger cabinet. And thus provides a greater resonance.
  • On the other hand, the upright baby piano is a compact version of the grand piano. It is slender and the sound is quite prominent for smaller space. Since it is compact, it doesn’t take much of the space and it is suitable for homes. 
  • The sound produced is not as grand as the grand piano. But the resonance is quite similar for a shorter period. So, if your kid loves to play music or learn it on the piano, an upright baby piano is a perfect choice.

The Showstopper

The piano is a musical instrument but also acts as elegant furniture. Moreover, it steals the show. It adds value to the room where it stays. Not only you can enjoy your music alone but can also let your guests enjoy the ambiance.

There is a sustain pedal on the upright piano which is responsible for creating the ambiance of a musical gala.

Music is something no one can ever resist. So instead of absorbing into gossips with your guests, you can treat them with music either played by you or your kid. A psychology report also states that getting recognition among strangers boosts up confidence in children. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

And when the piano is not into use, just put in the lid and it stays as furniture. But, it still looks elegant.

What’s more?

Now for the records, Yamaha and Steinway are the two most popular brands across the globe for the sale of upright pianos. An upright baby piano will cost around INR 80,000 INR. Apart from the buying cost, there are certain costs associated after purchase. This mounts to the following costs:

  • Transporting cost or rather the cost of shipping
  • The annual Maintenance cost of musical panels like strings, keys, and pedal
  • The annual Maintenance cost of the cabinet such as polishing, varnishing, etc.

These costs may appear frantic at times. But it indeed adds value to your family and residence.